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Nestled amidst the picturesque Kwahu-Nkwatia mountains in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Rock City Hotel is a beacon of opulence and excitement. With over 600 meticulously designed rooms currently in operation, it redefines luxury accommodation while offering thrilling adventures like paragliding and canopy walkways. 

Our expansion is ongoing, and when completed, Rock City will be Africa’s and one of the world’s largest hotel resorts, with over 2,200 rooms fitted with unrivaled amenities and facilities.


This exquisite destination seamlessly blends modern comfort with the serenity of nature, making it the ultimate choice for both leisure and business travelers.

At Rock City Hotel, exceptional service, breathtaking views, and a world of amenities await, promising an unforgettable experience in the heart of Ghana’s stunning landscape.

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Exciting Horizons: The Future of Conferences at Rock City Hotel

We are thrilled to introduce our upcoming state-of-the-art conference centers, set to redefine the landscape of business events. With an impressive 118 World Class Conference Rooms on the horizon, we're poised to offer an array of versatile spaces, ranging from intimate 8-seater venues to a grand 2800-seater Auditorium. Stay tuned for a future where innovation and excellence come together to elevate your business gatherings.


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New Room Additions

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Where Luxury Meets Adventure, and Every Stay is a Memorable Journey.

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The Club will create new expectations for working, connecting and recharging away from home base.

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Truly immerse yourself into your destination

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At Rock City Hotel, our mission is to set the gold standard in the world of hospitality. We are dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience where luxury, adventure, and inclusivity intersect. Through unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction, innovation in service, and responsible business practices, we aim to create lasting memories and elevate every aspect of our guests' journey. Our mission is to be a beacon of excellence in the industry, continuously evolving to meet and exceed the ever-changing expectations of our valued guests. We believe in the power of hospitality to inspire, connect, and enrich lives, and it is our mission to ensure every guest leaves Rock City Hotel with a sense of wonder and a desire to return.

Our vision at Rock City Hotel is to be a trailblazer in the hospitality industry, setting new standards of excellence and redefining the art of luxury and adventure. We strive to be the ultimate destination for travelers, where every stay is a unique and unforgettable experience. By consistently innovating our services, embracing sustainability, and fostering inclusivity, we aim to create a world where the beauty of nature meets the comforts of luxury. We envision Rock City Hotel as a place that not only reflects the splendor of its surroundings but also contributes to the well-being and cultural richness of the communities we serve. Our vision is to inspire, connect, and leave a lasting legacy in the world of hospitality, making Rock City Hotel the first choice for those who seek the extraordinary.


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