Rock City Hotel Supports Refurbishment Of University Of Ghana Business School ICT Lounge

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Rock City Hotel as part of its contribution to educational development has supported the refurbishment of the University of Ghana Business School’s (UGBS) Undergraduate ICT Lounge with over GHC500,000.

Prior to the refurbishment, students of UGBS were found wanting whenever they were to undertake assignments critical to their course of study.

The facility which was inaugurated on the main campus of UGBS in Accra in January 20,2021 was equipped with 70 computers and a training room to seat up to 48 people.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Professor Ebenezer Oduro the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana said the inauguration of the facility was timely since it will provide students with the needed skills and knowledge to stay competitive in the job market.

The Dean of UGBS, Prof. Justice Bawole also added his voice indicating that online learning has now become an integral part of education which the facility will support students immensely during this COVID-19 pandemic.

On her part, Assistant Manager of Rock City Hotel, Anita Boakye said “Sitting back, we thought, what better way can we do this than through education. We decided to invest in the ICT lounge because as we all know, with the pandemic issue worldwide, ICT has become critical in education. People hardly do face to face tutorials and lectures. We are moving to a world where the focus will be the use of computers to improve ourselves. So this is the reason why we decided to invest in this project to push the development agenda of the country”.

She further added that despite Rock City Hotel operating in the hospitality industry, it will not hesitate to support other institutions that call on it.

Rock City Hotel is located on the Mpraeso-Agogo Road, Nkwatia in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The hotel will be the largest in Africa with 2200 rooms when it begins full operations in 2022.


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