Job Title:                   Procurement Manager

Reports To:              General Manager

Employment Type:  Full-time

Location:                   Kwahu – Nkwatia, Eastern Region

Industry:                    Hospitality / Hotel

Job Purpose:  This role is part of a specialized finance team that provides a dedicated procurement service on behalf of our team, guests and suppliers. Working as part of a wider finance team the Manager will be responsible for sourcing suppliers and coordinating orders on behalf of our departmental teams to ensure that par stock levels are maintained across the business.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Track and report key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness
  2. Collaborate with key persons to ensure clarity of the specifications and expectations of the company
  3. Control the procurement budget and promote a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs.
  4. Develop procurement strategies that are inventive and cost-effective.
  5. Source and engage reliable suppliers and vendors and negotiating with suppliers and vendors to secure advantageous terms.
  6. Review existing contracts with suppliers and vendors to ensure on-going feasibility.
  7. Build and maintain long-term relationships with vendors and suppliers.
  8. Approve purchase orders and organizing and confirming delivery of goods and services.
  9. Perform risk assessments on potential contracts and agreements.
  10. Arrange and process the ordering of necessary goods and services related to the Hotel and coordinate and finalize details of all Hotel orders and deliveries
  11. Determine quantity and timing of all deliveries and coordinate with Hotel user teams accordingly
  12. Negotiate and obtain best contracting and agency terms with our manufacturers/suppliers
  13. Obtain best credit facilities, terms of payments and profit margins with Hospitality manufacturers/suppliers.
  14. Prepare all user related purchase requisitions, submit for approval and issue purchase orders in accordance with SOPs, company policy and negotiated terms and conditions for all Hotel related projects
  15. Maintain procurement files in orderly fashion and updated by the day.
  16. Manage vendor relationships and assist in building effective partnerships with manufacturers/suppliers.
  17. Develop and review purchase requests and ensure authorization as necessary to facilitate the timely purchase of hotel supplies products.
  18. Develop SOPs to assist user teams to get aligned on the processes and enable the management of expectation
  19. Develop Procurement reports to assist the organization in making decisions



  1. Strong written and verbal communication skills required
  2. Excellent organizational and planning skills: Demonstrate ability to proactively prioritize needs, put first things first, and effectively manage resources.
  3. Effective supervisory and leadership skills
  4. Strong, proven analytical skills (data analysis fundamentals)
  5. Strong negotiation skills developed through sourcing / procurement environment experience
  6. Flexibility to respond to a range of different work situations
  7. Proficiency in MS Office (Excel / Word) and experience with PMS like Opera


Qualifications, Requirements and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Procurement / Supply Chain management or Business Administration.
  2. Proven experience managing and leading supply chain operations.
  3. Experience using supply chain management software and tools
  4. Strong Negotiation & Buying skills