We welcome you to Rock City Hotel, where we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with the best health and safety protocols.
Our Housekeeping Department ensures that high cleaning and safety standards are met, through constant sanitization of all rooms with hygienic materials and products.
We actively monitor and evolve our solutions to ensure a continued focus on the health and safety of guests and staff.
In the coming months, guests will notice certain changes to the hotel’s regimen that are intended to set higher standards.

The Housekeeping Department offers two types of services: morning service and turndown service.

Morning service: The rooms are cleaned and refreshed daily, and any items used are replaced. During this routine, when a housekeeper attends to a room and finds that a guest has hung his or her towel on the towel rack it means the guest will use the towel again. On the other hand, if the towel is put on the floor, then it means the guest would want a new towel.

Here at Rock City Hotel, we are doing our best to save the planet by conserving water through reduction of avoidable tasks that lead to waste.

Small acts like reusing a hotel towel can save thousands of gallons of water and detergents every day.

Guests are therefore encouraged to help save the environment by reusing their towels and linen during their stay.

Turndown service: This is the second service offered to our guests in the early evening. We replace any used items, draw the curtains, and switch off some lights in the room to make the room more comfortable and ready for the guest to sleep.

The Do Not Disturb (D.N.D) sign is always provided in the room. When a guest wishes to have ultimate privacy with no disturbance, he or she may hang it on the room’s door handle outside the room.
Inventory cards are provided upon check-in. This helps to ensure that guests have at their disposal all the items listed. Guests are to sign the inventory card once they confirm that everything listed is indeed available in the room. If any of the listed items are missing from the room upon check out, the guest will be surcharged for such missing items.

The Housekeeping Department will service all the guest rooms based on the highest standards of Rock City Hotel. It is our ultimate goal to make your stay not only comfortable and memorable but also as safe and secure as can be.

If a guest needs anything else in housekeeping, he or she should just dial 1000.

Have a pleasant stay in Rock City Hotel, your ultimate destination.